Egg Bun Breakfast Sandwich & Espresso

品牌簡介 ( Introduction )

我們是一家以早餐三明治為主要商品的晨食店,呈現美國西岸早餐三明治文化 (breakfast sandwich) 並結合台灣早餐的特色。在品牌中可以看見經典美式早餐堡的特色,也可以見到台灣人早餐不可少的雞蛋元素。


以人為本,我們強調人與人之間的連結,我們期望成為社區鄰居最想拜訪的晨食店 (neighborhood restaurant)。熱情、有朝氣是我們是我們基本的堅持,我們期許能帶給上門的客人最令人開心的用餐體驗。 同時,人本的信念也落實於夥伴之間的互動,彼此關心、互相砥礪,一同成長是團隊的共同默契。

We are a breakfast restaurant specializing in breakfast sandwiches, combining the culture of American West Coast breakfast sandwiches with the unique features of Taiwanese breakfast. Our brand showcases the characteristics of classic American breakfast burgers and the essential element of eggs in Taiwanese breakfast.

From ingredient selection to the dining table, we oversee and prepare our products. We aim to showcase the culture of American fast-slow food in our daily morning routines. We emphasize “fresh local” and “safely sourced” ingredients, ensuring transparency in the production process while highlighting the natural flavors of the ingredients and the harmonious pairing of sauces.

Putting people first, we emphasize the connection between people and strive to become the neighborhood’s most desirable breakfast spot. Warmth and vitality are our core values, and we aspire to provide our customers with the most joyful dining experience. Additionally, our people-oriented belief is also reflected in the interaction among our team members, caring for each other and growing together, fostering a shared understanding and cooperation within the team.

業主希望品牌上以標準字呈現,但又能帶到品牌的重要核心,提高品牌特色,所以在原先的三個提案中都是以標準字為主軸, 選用了最右邊的提案,考量在客群上的設定,此版本又稍顯太可愛,進而調整,單純的從文字呈現,在整體上,希望能帶給消費者簡約且精緻的體驗,但又並非高不可攀而是能帶給消費者平易近人的感受。

Based on the client’s request, we have adjusted the brand design to focus on using standard fonts while enhancing the brand’s key features. Among the three proposals, we have chosen the design on the right, taking into consideration the target audience’s preferences. Although this version may appear slightly cute, we have made further adjustments to deliver a minimalistic and refined experience to consumers through the presentation of the text. Additionally, we aim to create a brand that is approachable and relatable to consumers, rather than appearing unattainable.

最終我們定義了此版本,文字上屬比較圓潤,表達食材的圓潤、滑順感, 一早活力的來源就在「EGG BUN」,而在「B」的文字上故意做了鏡射的方向,再結合「UN」, 當它轉為直式就形成漢堡的造型了,在應用上也有了更活潑的樣貌。

In the final version, we have defined the design with a slightly rounded typography, expressing the smooth and delightful texture of the ingredients. The source of morning vitality lies in “EGG BUN,” and intentional mirroring is applied to the direction of the letter “B,” combined with “UN.” When rotated vertically, it forms the shape of a hamburger, adding a playful touch to the application.



Motion Graphic:蔡佩珊
Photography: Egg Bun
Line ID:@199mbywb

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