Tori.K 彩妝造型與教育平台名片



Originally, I intended to create a business card that could serve as a reference for interactive makeup consultations with clients. However, after testing various papers, I discovered that if I wanted to apply makeup on the card in the future, it would require a spray of transparent lacquer to fix it in place, otherwise, the makeup would smudge. After numerous discussions and revisions, I decided to pursue a “hipster” style for the card design.

On the front side, I chose to depict a half-face illustration of makeup, hand-drawn to convey an artistic touch. This illustration will immediately inform recipients of the company’s services upon receiving the business card. The concept of makeup also brought to mind the idea of powder, so on the back of the card, I added subtle accents using pearl foil, creating a sprinkling powder effect. The company name and founder’s name are elegantly and beautifully embossed in matte gold, adding a touch of sophistication to the design.



Print:光隆印刷 − 燙霧金 MG22、燙珍珠箔
Paper:峻揚紙業 − 水蜜桃紙.250g
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