2021 Global Warming 月曆


We have grown up on this planet, building bustling cities, but we have also disrupted its natural ecology. Numerous factors have contributed to global warming. Through the transformation of real events into illustrations and using question-and-answer formats, we can reflect on our understanding of the Earth and its changes. The answers to each question are embedded within the images, serving as a reminder for us to love the Earth a little more each day.



➤ 北極熊的毛是什麼顏色?
➤ “地球一小時”節日的意義為何嗎?
➤ 蜜蜂消失和你我有什麼關係?
➤ 台灣曾經擁有什麼樣的美譽?
➤ 下列何者不屬於全球三大穀物之一?
➤ 是什麼原因造成森林大火?
➤ 日月潭九蛙的功能是什麼?​​​​​​​

The Secrets within the Calendar…

While recording our important events, we can also pay attention to the integral knowledge of life. We present each page in the form of illustrated photographs, and the text includes trivia related to the illustrations. The answers are hidden within the illustrations, hoping to deepen our understanding of the world we live in and together protect our planet.

Did you know?
➤ What color is the fur of a polar bear?
➤ What is the significance of the “Earth Hour” festival?
➤ How is the disappearance of bees related to us?
➤ What kind of reputation did Taiwan once have?
➤ Which of the following is not one of the three major global cereals?
➤ What causes forest fires?
➤ What is the function of the nine frogs in Sun Moon Lake?



Motion Graphic:蔡佩珊
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